What is MaiarPunks?
MaiarPunks is a 10K collection on the MultiversX blockchain (multiversx.com).
They are PFP NFTs made in a pixel art style.

How do I buy a MaiarPunks?
A MaiarPunks NFT can be purchased on the official platforms:
• FRAMEIT: frameit.gg/marketplace/MAIARPUNKS-3db7e8/sale

What is a Gen 1 MaiarPunks?
A Gen 1 MaiarPunks is an OG within numbers 1-1000. These NFTs were the first 1000 minted and offer different styling and items.

What is a Gen 2 MaiarPunks?
A Gen 2 MaiarPunks is any NFT numbered 1001-10000. These NFTs were minted in a second round. They come in a vast range of styles with multiple item types.

How do I stake my MaiarPunks?
You can stake your MaiarPunks NFT here:
There are two mines in which you can stake: the Super Farm and the Regular Farm.

What is the difference between the Super Farm and the Regular Farm?
The Super Farm is a 3 slot farm where 60% of TOLKEN distribution has been allocated. There is also an additional 4th slot for a Boost SFT.
The Regular Farm is an unlimited NFT farm where 40% of TOLKEN distribution has been allocated. There is no Boost SFT slot in this farm.

What is a Boost SFT?
The Boost SFT is a potion that was airdropped to 100 lucky MaiarPunks holders. There will only ever be 100 in existence.
This SFT can be used to 2X the output of your Super Farm multiplier.
You can find any Boost SFT for sale here:

Do items and pipes stack as farming multipliers?
Yes! Those who own a MaiarPunks with both an item and a “smoking beard” will have the pipe item multiplier added to the overall multiplier score.
This means a MaiarPunks with both “The Eye” and a “Smoking Black Beard” will have a mining multiplier of 11X.

What is $TOLKEN and what will it be used for?
$TOLKEN is the native ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token) for MaiarPunks. It will be used to mint future collections, upgrade 3D avatars and more!

What are the tokenomics of $TOLKEN?
$TOLKEN has a 10 year distribution timeline, where 50% is mined in year 1, with diminishing returns after that.
You can learn more about the exact tokenomics here:

What is the MaiarPunks metaverse?
It will be part of Gnogenverse and is still under development. Along with our new characters you will be able to explore the MaiarPunks Capital City.
* more details will come as the project progresses

What characters are in the MaiarPunks metaverse?
There will be 6 playable characters in the MaiarPunks metaverse. Those are:

  • The Wizard 🧙
  • The Witch 🧹
  • The Knight 🛡️
  • The Huntress 🏹
  • The Assassin 🗡️
  • The Goddess ⚔️